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At Quick Immigration, we have highly professional and expert consultants always ready to provide all the services including study counselling, admissions and visa application. We have been helping the students to permanently establish in Canada. we have highly professional and expert consultants always ready to provide all the services including study counselling, admissions and visa application. We also help to settle students or new comers to settle in Canada, including finding accommodation& employment and all settlement services.

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Quick Immigration Services provides free consultation for your all immigration needs.

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Express entry

We will help to assess your eligibility for express entry and to boost your score, if required.

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Support permanent Residency and/or work permit of the foreign worker

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Happy CLients Testimonials

Totally statisfied with their service..100% knowlegable and statisfactory work..keep up the good work

I have been provided great service by Snehal Patel. Right from the beginning with my work permit till my permanent residency he handled everything so smoothly, and the results were outstanding. His Great efforts, guidance, problem solving, providing correct info made things happen so well.
Great experience!!!

It’s my personal experience, he helped us out with spouse work permit and study permit application. He will never misguide you, very knowledgeable person about all immigration concerns. You will definitely get satisfactory result. So tell your friends to consult him for any immigration related inquiry.

My experience working with Quick Immigration Service was very smooth and a joyful ride.
One of the best thing with Snehal is that he is very clear about misrepresentation and its repercussion so made a clear point of not modifying facts about your immigration process ( believe me this is very important)
I found a honest and very adept person who handles and makes your immigration process worry free. He knows CEC, FSW and PNPs very well so basically you get all in one package. He will fit you into the best thing that would work fastest for you.He is quite competitive with charges for his best in the world services. He is very easy to reach and ask questions if you have any with whats going on with your file. He will never turn you back.

I recommend Snehal Patel with Quick immigration to make your immigration process smooth ride.

Thanks Snehal

Snehal assisted my sister with her visa, work permit and Permanent Residency application. He is very knowledgable and highly responsive. We are very satisfied with his assistance and recommend all to try his services.

I have been visiting from long time. Very friendly and helpful. Affordable cost. Thanks Snehal Patel for helping out for my application for all permits and permanent residency.

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